are you a bride who wants something a little different

Let me guess… you’ve got the dress, shoes and jewelery but you just can’t decide what you want for your tiara? Well of course you can’t! With so many shapes, sizes and costs to pick from these days, the decision can be overwhelming! Here’s an idea that is innovative, creative and can add an extra sentimental touch to your big day.
If you have a necklace that has sentimental value or that you love so much you just can’t get enough of it, this is the perfect idea for you! Why not wear your favorite necklace as your tiara! This idea is becoming more and more popular by the minute so go ahead and be one of the first to show it off.
Simply take the necklace of your choice and place it on your head, either in a head-band or tiara manner, depending on the style of the necklace. Keep in mind that some part of the necklace will have to be bobby pinned in for security so if it’s a considerably expensive necklace, you may not want to use this particular one. If you find none of your necklaces seem to work, purchasing a costume jewelry (cubic zirconia, crystal, etc) will still most likely be less expensive than a tiara. It’s as easy as that!
This trend is very cost effective, doesn’t require a professional and can save you the aggravation yet another decision and trip to the wedding store when you’ve already got enough on your plate.